Opportunity Description
Bala Vihar Teachers
Language Teachers
Teachers’ Assistants * May include copying, coordinating Prasad schedules, help with Arts and Crafts projects, games and activities, at Family Holiday celebrations, walking children to restrooms, any other tasks that individual teachers may suggest.
SCDS Help * Opening and Closing of Rooms

* Turning on and off Heat and Cooling

* Ensuring that the rooms, quad, library, and any other areas used are left as found

Area Carpool Contacts * Helping to connect families from specific geographic areas who may be interested in exploring carpooling opportunities.
Bookstore * Maintaining at the school site books that are used by our Bala Vihar students and Adult Study Group members, and a few other popular selections

* Ordering, selling and distribution of books and resources

* Working with the treasurer in maintaining these accounts

Shlokathon * Testing

* Maintaining the Shlokathon Records

* IT Integration (Compiling electronic records of Shlokathon activity, possible integration with website)

* Plaque Ordering and Picking up before Parents’ day

Community Service * Person of contact for community service ideas presented by students, parents, and community leaders

* Exploration of service initiatives under CORD and guidance for implementation of  such programs that are adopted by our Chinmaya family

Festivals and Celebrations * Coordinating, planning, and organizing Family celebrations of Deepavali and other Indian holidays
Photography and Video * Visual documentation of activities throughout the year

* Collaborating with website sevak for posting on our website

Parents’ Day * Activities with guidance from the Bala Vihar admin team and lead parent coordinator for the event
Arts and Crafts Team * Assisting all the sevaks and sevikas in arts and crafts activities for the year* Helping with specific activities during festivals and celebrations

* Helping with making of costumes and props for Parents’ Day celebrations

Costume/Prop Management * Inventory of these items to be done before Parents’ day* Distribution to all the classes as they need* Inventory to be done after Parents’ day

* Storage of costumes and props that have been accumulated in the past

* Transportation of items to and from homes where they are stored

* Occasionally getting the costumes/props out to the community for other events

Mementos team * Sevaks’ mementos, given at Parents’ Day

* Children’s mementos, given at Parents’ Day

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