Due to ongoing concerns with COVID-19 and the public health recommendations that are in place for our community and State, Chinmaya Mission Sacramento is converting all our Bala Vihar, language classes and study groups to e-classes where they will all be held online. 

Thanks to the efforts of our admin team, we started our e-Bala Vihar classes on Sunday, March 22nd, with a pilot run of some of our classes. All other classes joined in from Sunday March 29th. 

We are appreciative of the enthusiasm, learning and time that our sevikas and sevaks are putting in in this endeavor.

We are glad for the pointers received from the sevaks at Chinmaya Mission Ramdoot in Basking Ridge/Bridgewater, New Jersey who have set up e-Bala Vihar there since March 8th.

All our study group members are gratified to be able to continue their study sans interruption.

We are grateful for our parent community for their unflinching support.

Prostrations to Lord Ananda Krishna!


Parents are to be accessible to help with set up for your child(ren) and as needed.

Set up

1.     Join the class on a desktop or laptop computer for best experience.

2.     Always join the class with video ON. Be sure that other participants can see your full face clearly. 

3.     Use Gallery View to see the sevikas and all class students on the screen

4.     Keep audio on MuteUnmute only when you are speaking.

5.     Use appropriate headsets to avoid distraction to yourself and others.

6.     Keep your device fully charged. Use a stand/support for your device for stable video. Do not frequently move the device as it can distract the sevika/sevak and other participants.


1.     Be punctual; join five minutes before the   start time and attend till the end of class.

2.     Sit in a clean, tidy place (study or prayer room if possible) with good lighting and minimum disturbances or distractions.

3.     Bala Vihar is a place of learning and worship, so please dress appropriately and be presentable as you are for regular Bala Vihar. No pajamas!

4.     Be prepared with your Stotrams and Prayers book, textbook/workbooks, notebook, pencil, etc. as instructed by your sevika/sevak.

5.     Respect for Self is Respect for Others. Be attentive and respectful in class. Use the Raise Hand feature and wait for your turn before speaking. Mute your device when you are not speaking.

6.     Use the Chat feature as a tool to ask questions and communicate, not as a distraction.

7.     Be active in class. Refrain from multitasking while you are in the class. Do not eat or walk around. Do not engage in other side conversations or activities while you are in class.

8.     Treat these sessions with respect just like you do during regular Bala Vihar classes.

9.     Restrict conversations to only Bala Vihar curriculum and related topics.