1. Who can join a study group?

Any one who has the intellectual acumen and aspiration and is interested in discovering their own true nature can join the study group.

2. What type of commitment I have to make?

You have to make a commitment to study the scriptures and participate regularly each week in the discussion group without giving excuses for non-participation and attendance. Those who claim to have no time in their life for such activity will find in due course that they will have more time not only to their secular duties but also to do them well and manage their time much more efficiently after participating in study group.

3. Do I have to know Sanskrit?

No. If you know, it is of course a good thing since all the scriptures are in that language. But the group leader may explain some words in the Sanskrit language and these may be essential to remember. All chanting in the class will be done in Sanskrit only, since they are readings from the original text, which is written in Sanskrit.

4. Is there a fee to join the study group?

No. There is no fee to join the study group.

5. How can I join a study group?

Click on one of the areas in the table above, and you can send an email requesting to join. On no account, will you be refused. The study of scriptures cannot be limited to a closed clique of any sort.

6. I have never studied Vedanta? Can I attend the study classes?

Yes, you can. There are tapes made of the lectures given by Swamijis in Chinmaya Mission and you can purchase them and listen and come up to speed in any of the scriptural texts.

7. Can I start a study Group in my own home?

You can. Please consult with established study groups in your area.

8. Can our youngsters join the study group?

Typically they should be older than 16 years to benefit from this program.

9 Can I join after a study group has already started studying several verses of the text?

You can. You have to put a little extra effort to come up to speed with the rest of the members of the group.

10. Who appoints the Sevika or Sevak?

Chinmaya Mission has a number of individuals who have been trained to conduct study groups. Depending on many factors of convenience and availability one of these members will be requested to become the Sevika or Sevak of your group by the Chinmaya Mission Secretary.

All Study Groups run through the year, from September to May.