No BalaVihar classes at Triveni until further notice due to precautionary measures taken against spread of COVID19 virus.

Hari Om!

Dear Sacramento Bala Vihar Members and well-wishers,

We are suspending on-site Bala Vihar classes effective this Sunday March 15, until further notice.

Our core team in CM-Sac was already monitoring the situation closely within Greater Sacramento, staying commensurate with the actions of all the local major School Districts.

We are now following the proactive recommendation we just received from our US based parent organization, Chinmaya Mission West, and Swamiji Shantananda who recently spent a few days with us at Chinmaya Triveni.

As a seva team, we have received some separate guidelines and working methods on how to conduct e-Bala Vihar sessions.  This has already been implemented in couple of Bala Vihar centers in USA, as of last week.  We will get guidance and training, and work on this option and possibility for Sacramento Bala Vihar within the next 1-2 weeks.  If there are some parent sevaks, who are familiar with online tools and Apps, such as Zoom Technology, we welcome your assistance and stepping forward.  Please contact any of the sevaks/leads for this skills-based seva.

With best wishes, and best continued health,

Sridhar Iyer & CM-Sac and Bala Vihar Core working team