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Hari Om!

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As we battle the COVID-19 pandemic, the current situation has given us a clear reminder of how interdependent we all are, and how “bound to each other” we need to be, as our Pledge calls out.

While all of us feel the impact of the novel coronavirus, the burden falls most heavily on those who have been marginalized in our society. Homeless people, those on the poverty line, individuals without health insurance are all feeling the pinch most of all, as many struggle to get even a single meal for the day.

Children’s care centers and Elder care facilities are facing increased challenges to adjust their care facilities to accommodate the social distancing, heightened sanitization and continue to provide their year-round nurture for our community’s displaced children and elderly.

With all this suffering around us, we are asking our Bala Vihar children and Adult Study Groups and CM Sacramento members-at-large: How can we as members of this community step up to help meet their needs?

Chinmaya Mission Sacramento has identified these community service organizations serving the fringes of our society, that could use an additional helping hand. 

  1. Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services (SFBFS):  SFBFS, founded 4 decades ago,  is the largest nonprofit provider of basic human needs in Greater Sacramento.  Today, SFBFS has evolved from a food pantry to a provider of services for lifelong Sacramento residents, as well as immigrants and refugees who have chosen to make Sacramento their home.  They remain in the forefront of routine benevolence and crisis step-up support.  As one example, in response to the increased demand that COVID-19 has created for food access within Greater Sacramento, SFBFS is hosting new temporary drive-through distributions. In order to follow social distancing guidelines, these food distributions will be “touchless.” Attendees will not leave their cars. Food will be placed directly in the trunk of vehicles.  They have reached out to Community orgs such as our Bala Vihar to pitch in with any increased contribution.
  • Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento (CRH):  Founded in 1944, the Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento is committed to positively impacting the lives of children, youth, and families affected by abuse, neglect, behavioral health issues, and trauma in California.  Today the Receiving Home houses up to 98 children and is taking crucial new steps to adjust to the Covid 19 Pandemic.  In-person visits to children have been suspended, and dedicated staff are coordinating video calls and telephone chats with court-approved family members and social workers.  Body temperature is checked twice a day for children, residents and staff members. Janitorial services have been accelerated and staff are regularly disinfecting high-touch surfaces. Staff members are wearing gloves and masks, and CRH is gearing up in the event that they need to establish a quarantine dorm for sick youth.
  • CM Sacramento & Local Community Impacted Families:  Like the saying goes, Charity begins at Home, we wish to be available for our local Sacramento community and families as a helping hand for those impacted by this Covid crisis. Please feel free to reach out to us for any assistance or even for a friend, family or organization who may be affected by this crisis that could use some help during these tumultuous times. We will treat the information with utmost confidence and treat it with a sense of dignity to help the best we can.  While all donated and matched funds will be 100% forwarded to above registered Orgs, we will set aside an “Impacted families” fund from within our matching CM-Sac org budget, to provide this critical assistance.

Like all prior fund drives, our Bala Vihar children in all grades will be an organic part of this Covid19 relief effort.  The low end of campaign goal, ballpark estimate, was established as $5 per child, 10 children per class, 10 classes, average = $500.   Target goal, with fuller family and Bala Vihar well-wisher participation was established as $2000 (150 families, $10 per family average, plus chip-in from prior BV graduates’ parents and well-wishers).  CM-Sac Board approved matching CM-Sac contribution of amount raised from individual donors, upto $2000.  This stretches lower end of campaign to $1000 benefit to community, and upper end to $4000+.  Campaign duration will be 1.5 mos, campaign ends mid-June, we plan to hand over checks to beneficiary local non-profit orgs by eo-June.

CORD USA (Chinmaya Organization for Rehabilitation & Development by Undertaking Sustainable Activities) is a secular, non-profit that aims to help communities create a sustainable program to aid in their holistic welfare.  CORD USA serves humanity regardless of race, religion, color, gender or nationality.  CORD USA is approved for a wide array of company matching donations, with ability to channel 100% of donated funds to the local charities.  Sacramento Bala Vihar and CM Sacramento have partnered with CORD USA to facilitate this fundraising, with an express goal of Local community beneficiaries.

Thank you for donating to help the community weather these difficult times. Please avail of company matches for this donation – CORD USA is an approved recipient of donation matches. In these times, your dollars go further. 

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NOTE: For check donations,

  • Please make the check payable to  “CORD USA”
  • In the memo field,  please write in “CM-Sac COVID-19 Relief” AND your-email-address
  • Mailing address: CM Sacramento, 3231 Ramos Circle, Sacramento, CA 95827

Please note that with CORD USA, 100% of your donations and corporate matching goes directly to those in need!  Let us collectively bring our heads and hearts together as we help our fellow citizens in need through these extraordinary times!

Love & Om,
Yours Sincerely,
CM Sacramento Covid Seva Team